Highlighted text in notes when I search for something?

When I search a word with the magnifying glass it highlights what I’m looking for, but only in the main body text of the document, not the notes. I have very long notes and when I search for something in them it doesn’t highlight it, even if the word/phrase I’m looking for is there. Is there a way to change this? (I usually look for something both in the text document and the notes at the same time btw)
Also, I tried to find this topic, but couldn’t find this exact problem… :disappointed:


Click the magnifying glass that is to the left side of the search field.

Either set it to “all” (I suspect you are currently set to search only in “text”) or multiple select “text” and “notes” by repeatedly alt+click(hold alt)-select one field the magnifying glass.

Thanks, but I that’s not the issue I’m describing.
It is set to ‘all’, and when a document has a note that has the word I’m looking for, it does show it in the results, but my problem is that it doesn’t highlight it for some reason. If the searched word/phrase is in the main document it highlights it no problem, but when it’s on a note, even if it appears in the search results and the word I’m looking for is, in fact, in the notes, it’s not highlighted and it’s hard for me to find that word because my notes are usually long.

Indeed, I confirm it doesn’t.
But, a trick, if you do it as a two step thing, searching then the notes using Ctrl-F does.

The general project search would sort the documents that contains what you are searching for, then
Edit / Find /Find (Ctrl-F) would properly highlight it for you.