highlighted words don't appear

When I’m opening a PDF which I’ve highlighted some of its words using Adoboreader 10, the highlighted words do not appear!! is there any idea to solve this?
here is an example:

Same problem. Any fix?

I would be very interested in a solution too!
Very unsatisfactory as it is right now.
Highlighting is how I work through PDF documents, and the result of this working with them goes into my Research folder in Scrivener. That workflow is an important feature of Scrivener for me!

I found a partial work-around - not a real solution, but workable for the moment:

Highlighting done with PDF-XChange Viewer also results in totally invisible text in Scrivener, BUT highlighting done with Foxit PDF Reader 4.1 leaves the text faintly readable in a light gray.
Foxit allows you to pull the highlighter over a text portion twice, so you can either have a softer highlighting if you highlight only once, or a stronger highlight colour after the second stroke. If you do it only once, the text will still be readable (in light gray) in Scrivener.
Foxit is arguably the best PDF reader on Windows anyway, and free.

Thanks Uku, I’ll try it.

You can do the same in any PDF reader that lets you set the opacity for a highlight. I was able to get a PDF annotated in Preview (on the Mac) to show the text through the highlight by adjusting the highlight opacity to 50%. Obviously it’s not ideal. :wink: Also my comments don’t come in. Anyone else have this problem with other readers? I see the box informing me there is a comment, but the comment itself isn’t brought in.

I’m adding this to the 021 beta thread with a link back here, since it’s still an issue.

Edit: This still works now that I’ve found the Opacity option (used a wrong one it turned out :blush: ). Thanks for sharing this tip Uku.

However, my already annotated PDFs are “wrongly” formatted so I’d still like to know if there’s some work around for this. Currently, when I import a PDF into Scrivener, I get this:

While the original in Foxit looks like:

scr.10-04-2012 14.36.49.png

If there isn’t a work around for this, please add it to the wish list/bug fix list since it’s annoying. :slight_smile: