highlighter names per project?

Given my admittedly vague understanding of how the color box swatches and so on work with OS X, applying to just about everything, I’m not expecting this to be possible, but is there any way to rename colors (highlighter colors specifically) so that the name only applies to a given project? It’s not a huge deal, but because I have a lot of types of projects, and because I perhaps overuse color-coding, I end up with a lot of names that I don’t need for every project, so either I have to come up with a lot of new colors and have a long list to sort through or I have to rename them whenever I switch projects.

Not a big one, but I figured I might as well ask. I do love in any case that I can change the names and add in all the colors of my own to appear right in the drop down or get a shortcut key–an excellent addition from 1.54! Thank you!


No, there’s no way of doing this per-project any more. You can now name any number of highlight colours, but at the cost of them being global rather than per-project. For many uses I think this is an advantage (if you use highlight colours that mean, “Needs work”, “Check!” and so on), but obviously there will be certain cases where that’s not true.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. That was about what I figured, and I agree it’s good trade-off. And I certainly do have a fair share that will be useful cross-project codes, as you say. Who knows, perhaps this will also encourage me to not go so crazy with my highlighter pens… :slight_smile: