Highlighting all "a" by default

Hi, I’m a new user and can’t find the answer to this problem in the forum.
In all the documents and templates I have on Scrivener for Windows, all “a’s” are highlighted in yellow. No other letter, just “a”. I have found other messages about highlighting and tried the “tools/options” fixes and tried to fix it by selecting everything in “format/highlighting” to remove it, but no matter what I do, the “a” remains highlighted in yellow.

I haven’t imported many of my documents yet because I do not want to have to fix every “a” that appears.

Any suggestions?

You probably have an “a” in the Search box.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks Jerome. Though I had nothing in the search box, I clicked around there for a bit looking for possibilities (found "search for exact phrase and unclick it). Then after hitting the delete key a few times over the nothing that was in the search box, the highlighting of “a” is now gone. Problem solved :smiley:
Thanks so much for the simple solution.