Highlighting all text in a table cell recolours the background on restarting Scrivener

If I highlight all text in a Scrivener created table’s cell, the next time I restart Scrivener the highlight colour has applied itself as a background colour for the particular cell instead.
I can happily highlight between cells in one session, and everything look like highlighted text. But on restart all the highlights have taken on whatever colour I applied to the particular cell’s text as a background colour for the cell.
It’s not a new phenomenon in Version 3.1.5. I’ve observed it for a while.
I can live with the experience, but as has been said before, a bugs a bug.

If I remember right, it does the opposite too:
If you give a cell a background color, it sometimes turns into a text highlight (and other sorts of strange behavior – like all (or some) highlighted text is still highlighted, but in black).

Scrivener seems to have a hard time telling the two apart. (Or the three, perhaps. Highlight/cell background/table borders’ color.)

And from my experience, it is not happening systematically on the first restart. It seems to be somewhat random.

I have not experienced the opposite or partial content highlights going awry. (I ran a quick test.)
But note this. The Table Properties on the first cell below Family. The Cell Background does not reflect that the cell has a colour fill.
(The Cell that’s now pink, I highlighted all text in in Pink in the cell, closed and reopened Scrivener to find the background changed. In this case, it was green before like the adjoining cells.)

Whereas the cell I set with a background (Try/Fail Cycles) shows it exactly as I set it in the Table Properties menu.

Yet both examples are now background or fill cell colours.

What I mean is that if you were to copy/paste “Zee holds her arms while…” somewhere else outside the table, you’d sometimes get it highlighted in blue. (The same color as the cell’s BG.)

As if you were to change the cell’s BG to a different color, you’d sometimes realize the text at some point became highlighted too. (Which you can’t tell if the BG is of the same color.)

In my projects I have a table where I note details that need to be fixed. I color code the cells BG (yellow, orange, red, green), and so I change the color relatively often. That’s how I found out.
Likely otherwise I wouldn’t have.

. . . . . . . . . . .
→ Else: what you depicted in your first screenshot, yes, I get this often.

As for the text that ends up highlighted in black, it has been a while, but from what I can remember it also has something to do with the text being of a character attributes style. (I think.) (Possibly it has nothing to do with tables, now that I think of it. → Other that it only started after I had implemented the use of tables in my projects.) (Also, as I said it has been a while. And I am no longer “designing” my tables. They’re set as I want them. So that too, possibly, is related.)

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One other point on tables colouring. Is it just me, or does syncing a zipped backup to Dropbox take longer when changing table colours? My current project is 7 MB (Not at all big, 72 000 words, hardly anything saved from outside, except a ton of links), but when I colour a table, it seems to take triple the normal time to complete the sync without much growth in zipped folder size.

Confirmed. Here’s a piece copied from a table cell and pasted into another document that brought along the background as a highlight. See the Pink bit.

For clarity: This does not happen if you paste it into the same document, outside of the table.

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