Highlighting goes haywire

When I try to highlight text in a document that is “longer” than its window, the document scrolls either up or down if I don’t move the mouse in a totally “horizontal” way (forward=up, backward=down) highlighting far too much text. It is almost impossible to highlight specific text, unless very slooowly, one space of the line I want to highlight at a time.

None of my other programs does this.

Version is

This sounds like a bug that occurs when you’re viewing a Scrivenings session and have Typewriter Scrolling enabled. Is that your setup? Try disabling Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling for that editor and see if it resolves the issue.

This is a serious bug! I love the typewriter setting, but in order to edit by highlighting and moving text I have to turn it off. Now, that is frustrating!

The bug only occurs in Scrivenings mode, so perhaps an alternative for you in the meanwhile would be to use the split screen, so that you can work in TW mode in a single document in one editor while keeping access to your other documents in the other?