Highlighting Imported Web pages - Is it possible?

I love Scrivener’s ability to import web pages into a project. It’s great for collecting resource material that might be needed later. It would be even greater if there were some way to then highlight the page that was imported. I’m a big highlighter. It makes it easier for me to pick out the important points later when I start writing.

Does anyone know how to do this either as a Scrivener function or some other web app that allows for a web page to be highlighted.

Of course, I realize I could clip and paste the written material into a new scrivener file (and might even get the pics saved that way) but thought I’d check to see if there’s any other way to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you choose Documents > Convert > Convert Web Page to Text, you can then highlight the text.

Thanks, Briar,

It worked. I figured Scrivener might have a way to do this.

Appreciate it.


Pleasure to help.

My own practice is always to copy and paste from a web page into Scrivener. That way I get the text and pictures I want without the items in the page I do not want.

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