Highlighting in Outline View

Is this possible? I’d like to highlight ‘to do items’ in my notes in Outline view… Selecting text and pressing highlight doesn’t seem to work. Thanks!

Synopses are plain-text (because they need to be supported in so many parts of the interface), so there’s no way to use a text highlight on them specifically in any view. You could however use a label or status to mark a whole document as “To Do”, and display that as a column in the outliner (View > Outliner Columns). Labels also get a color, and you can then use View > Use Label Color In > Outliner Rows to have that color appear on the whole row in the outliner.

If you just need to mark specific lines in a synopsis, asterisks or exclamation points are handy for that.
“!!! do x” is pretty clearly an important note. (Or else one you’re just really excited about…) You can also use other special symbols pretty easily, using the Option key.