Highlighting in submenu

Okay, this is a little difficult to explain, so I will be as wordy as possible to confuse all of us.

When working in a Script Document, I hit the enter key and it gives a menu of options that the line might be, such as Panel Number, Panel Description, Character, and so on.

Now, if I highlight with my mouse, the color around the selection changes from the white to a nice blue. It’s lovely.

BUT (and I know you were expecting this, but I really want to emphasize that this is the part where I’m calling your attention to), if I try to move through the menu using my cursor keys on the ol’ keyboard, the first spot stays highlighted (pretty blue), even though I’ve moved down a spot, or two, or three, or many more. Meaning, the highlighty-ness of it doesn’t happen, and I get lost because I’m not a very strong counter, and I wind up choosing Parenthetical instead of Dialogue or whatnot (there is no Whatnot to select, actually, and while it’s probably not needed, wouldn’t it be nicer if there was one?).

This means I have to take my hands off the keyboard any time I want to change up these aspects, and use my mouse, and… It’s annoying. The action, I mean. The mouse itself is fine. Not great. It’s not a lovely blue or anything special. It mostly just sits there. There’s a knot in its cable. We’ve both seen better days is what I’m saying.

So… I’ve looked all through Windows 8, and I can’t find any setting here that says “Oh, you can have blue highlights in your menus, as many as you want, be it by keyboard or mouse or trackpad or digipen or one of those Google Glass things all the hip kids are speaking of! Enjoy!” Windows 8 seems to think that this is already in place, and, yes, looking at other programs I use (which are not many), that seems to be so.

I’ve tried changing themes. I’ve gone into what settings I can in Scrivener itself. I… mucked around. A lot. I ran out of tea.

Anyway, I was just wondering if this highlightedness-thingy is fixable, and if there were instructions you could give me to do the fixing. Because that would be keen.

Thanks muchly!