Highlighting in Web Archives and PDF Documents

I’d like to request that Scrivener gain the ability to highlight text in web archives and PDF documents. Even the basic annotation tools that Preview offers (text and oval) would be of extreme benefit to me as a researcher.

Please check the archives, as this has come up a number of times - it is one of the top two posts in the Tech support forum at the moment, in fact.

Still, to recap: this won’t happen exactly as you want it. Scrivener is dedicated to editing text, and cannot become a PDF editor, web archive editor and so on and so forth, any more than it can become an image editor.

However, you can actually still do what you want:

For webarchives, use the Documents > Convert Web Archive to Text tool - then you can highlight away.

For PDF files, use View > Open In > External Editor to open the PDF file in Preview, then use Preview to annotate it or highlight it, then save the PDF file. You will have to select something else in the binder and then click back on the PDF file to see your changes.

AmberV, if you’re reading, could you please pop this in the FAQ? Thanks!

All the best,