Highlighting, Linking

Thanks for the beautiful program. I would give just about anything to go back in time so that I could have had Scrivener for about the last 15 years. So glad I stumbled across it now at least. Some wishes:

The ability to link to a specific place in the linked document. Perhaps when the linked and linking document are in split-view, you could select the two areas you wish to link by command/click, and link them through the context menu.

More advance search features when searching “in text” among all your documents or the documents you have selected among your binders. I’m glad to see an “exact phrase” search, but how about the ability to search for a word or words in the the same paragraph or sentence as other words, etc? All of the meta-data options available sometimes make this moot, but I image many times I will import things I don’t plan on or don’t want to completely read.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but this wish seems the most possible: I wish I could select the highlighter (by double-clicking for instance) so that it is “active.” This way I could highlight text just be selecting it as I go along without also having to select the highlighter or using the keyboard shortcuts.

This may just be a property of TextEdit, but when a hyperlink in a rtf document is selected (between, for instance, a reference to a footnote and the footnote), TextEdit doesn’t go to the footnote, but tries to open a web-page. I wish it went to the footnote. Even better would be if footnotes were automatically imported so that they appear as they would if I put them in via Scrivener’s footnote tool in the first place.

This isn’t really a wish, but the margins I set in Preferences for full-screen mode seem to change randomly.

Well, links to a specific place aren’t possible (I think) because Scrivener uses OSX’s internal text handling gizmos - which don’t support that. Neither do they make enhanced annotation display facilities etc.

Not entirely sure what you mean - if you click on the little magnifying glass it gives a really long list of options, along with the standard ‘exact phrase’ - ‘all words’ ‘any words’ and also a list about what to include in the search or to exclude.

The last (as with the first) is a property governed by Textedit. The import thing is a big issue - I know it has been discussed a lot.

I don’t really know enough to trouble-shoot the margins. They may get reset if/when you move the .scriv file and things.

Any more details I shall have to leave to KB to answer!

Any reply regarding an “active” highlighter that highlights selected text (like can be done in Word)? Was that included in your “enhanced annotation” comment?

About the search functions, I noticed that the search functions in Scrivener are more extensive than those for Spotlight, so I assumed they were a modification or addition to Spotlights functions. I then assumed that more modifications/additions would be possible. I guess what I’m really looking for is some sort of “advanced” search feature available from the drop-down menu that would let me do Boolean searches.


Sorry I missed this one.

Active highlighting would be difficult, as Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system which has nothing like this. It wouldn’t be impossible - I can imagine a way of funking it, by having the program listen for selection changes during an active highlighting mode and then applying highlights to the whole selection. But this is rather unstandard behaviour - in all word processors - Nisus, Word etc - as well as other programs that allow highlighting - DT etc - it works exactly as in Scrivener. The current implementation is therefore simple but also what most users would expect. This isn’t a “no” as such, more of a “we’ll see, but probably not.” :slight_smile:

As for searching - Scrivener’s internal search has nothing to do with spotlight at all, but is a completely custom-built search (based on Todd Ransom’s code from Avenir, as it goes). Tiger did introduce a searching framework, but it is not the most practical to use at the moment. Thus, adding boolean searches and so forth would be very difficult, and not something that is going to happen any time soon. The search feature is unlikely to be overhauled until 2.0, although I am waiting to see what Leopard will bring, too.

Thanks and all the best,

I’ve had this ignored elsewhere :slight_smile:, but have you ever looked at how CP Notebook does this? Just press three modifier keys (command option control, if i remember rightly) and the cursor turns into a highlighter. VERY cool.


Will take a look, but no promises.

In keeping with your oft repeated agenda, the only thing I expect at this point is bug fixes. Just thought you might want to check it out. To my mind it’s the best solution for highlighting. In any case, I’ve assigned highlights and most formatting to a mousebutton menu – which works just fine for me.