Highlighting text in notecards

I’m wondering if it’s possible to highlight the text on a notecard in cork board view. I’m working with a Collections cork board that’s full of story notes on note cards and trying to highlight pertinent text, but seem to be unable to. Is this a limitation of Scrivener or am I not doing something?


It’s definitely a limitation, one that has to be that way, since the notecard text has to be “plain text”, instead of “rich text”, which would allow for highlighting. If you really need to mark text on your index cards, [try square brackets], or maybe {curly braces}. (Parentheses) could also work if you don’t use them in the synopsis. Using /forward and backward slashes\ is another alternative.

Aahh. Makes sense, re: plain text. I may just use another view or text doc then. The text markers are a nice idea, but on a board of numerous cards filled with text, I’m not sure they would help “highlight” what I would want to stand out. Not a big deal — I just love the visual layout of the cork board with cards.

Thanks for the info!

I’ve always found the following two methods particularly useful for highlighting text within a plain text environment… The first of these is using asterixes or double asterixes and or course those line things - basically oldschool markup text. The second method, which is even stronger, is to use UPPERCASE LETTERS for key parts.