Highlighting Words when Searched.

I’ve found that when I search for a work in my Scriv doc, it highlights it when it selects it. I click off the word and I have to unhighlight it. Is this something I’m doing by accident? I tried setting the highlighter to None before searching for a work, but it wouldn’t take the new color or None, instead it stayed the color I was using.


Oh don’t worry about it. Those are just temporary highlights to help you find search terms. They go away by themselves.

Are you joking? If not, when do they go away?

No, she’s not joking. They go away once you end the search. Or you can set the preferences so that they go away when you start typing. They aren’t “real” highlights. They don’t affect the underlying text at all - they are just for display purposes while the search is active.

Mine haven’t gone away at all. There are scattered colors all about. I tried unchecking and checking the preference you mentioned, but it had no affect.

Have you got rid of the search so that the blue binder is back on the left rather than the striped search table?

I was using the ‘Find’ feature. Apple-F. I like it to scroll to the found word for me. I can’t seem to recreate the issue though. Not sure what set it off to do that.

To fix it, I closed and re-opened Scrivener and then just set all the individual words back to no highlight.

Thanks for the help. If I can recreate the issue, I will post it in the bugs section.