Highlights getting exported -> RTF in Nisus

I haven’t noticed this before but perhaps I’ve only just encnuntered it.

Export a draft to RTF and all the highlighted text in the Scrivener draft shows up, not as highlighted (which would be no problem to remove) but as text on a highlight-coloured background.

This only seems to be Nisus Pro at the moment (not Pages) but then I don’t know what else I have around that knows about highlights. Word? Bah. It’s not getting anywhere near this new disk until I have no alternative.

Scrivener uses the background color text attribute to apply highlights. I guess Nisus does it a different way. They have their own RTF parser (which is actually more accurate than Apple’s, I believe), so there are unfortunate discrepancies like this. I’m not sure what can be done off hand… Again, it might be worth asking Nisus about this. (I asked Martin at Nisus about how lists don’t get imported into Nisus - or Word, for that matter - properly from Scrivener or TextEdit, and this turns out to be an Apple bug. The Apple RTF parser completely screws up the RTF syntax for lists, which is why they don’t work anywhere else. I have it on my list to see if I can do anything about that, though I’m not hopeful. No doubt the highlight thing comes under the same sort of problem; still, checking directly with Nisus would be helpful.)

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