Hightlight label designation

It would be great to be able to designate a title for each color of text highlighting.

That is, instead of the highlight color list offering “Yellow marker”, “Orange marker”, etc., it would be very helpful to have an “Edit labels” facility, just like we already have with keywords, folder labels, etc.

For example, I like to use yellow highlighting on text which alludes to the current time of day, etc. This lets me quickly spot phrases like “late that night”, “the next day” or “On Tuesday we…”, etc. as a means to help give me a sense of the consistent sequencing of my story. I also like to use red highlighting to indicate major plot points such as “1st point of no return”, “the mirror moment”, etc. Blue highlighting lets me mark out bits of text which need further editing, development or polish. And so on…

THE PROBLEM IS that I have to keep a list of what my various highlighting color assignments mean on a paper sticky note stuck to my monitor if I use more than just a few different colors. That’s just not a very “modern” way of doing things. :wink:

We can already do this for folder labels and keywords. How complex would it be to adapt that coding to text highlighting?


I agree, a more modern approach would be like this:

[size=80] :mrgreen: [/size]

You could then add that to your list of “Favorites” via the Document menu, making it readily accessible from various menus such as the header bar icon menu, or the View/Go To/ sub-menu, and even create a setup like this in a blank starter project template that you use to make new projects in the future.

At any rate, the unfortunate fact is that this was a feature in the original version of Scrivener, but the feature was removed back in 2010, so I wouldn’t expect to see it again any time soon.

Sorry, just realised the OP is on the Windows version – I was responding to Amber’s screen shot which looks like the Mac version. I’ll leave the post here in case somebody wonders about the Mac version… :blush:

I’ve just tried editing the colours and it seems to work fine.

  1. Format > Highlight > Show Colours
  2. Choose the third icon along at the top
  3. Select Scrivener from the drop down box
  4. Double click the text of the colour entries and change the name

They’re now renamed in the Format > Highlight menu.

It’s not quite Amber’s easy assignment, but it does provide a reminder of the code. Am I missing something?

Yes, that is possible on the Mac, since the system colour picker lets you create categories and lets software make use of those. It is a global thing though, so useful for more general markings. The older feature I was referring to, from Mac 1.x days, had project-specific highlight labels, which would probably come in more handy for things like time-based markings in a novel.