Hijack This

Since thread Hijacking is rather quite common I thought I would do another social experiment. Let us see how many times this thread can be hijacked. And I am talking good hijacks not the drive by quick interuption types but ones with substance and full of debate.


So to start off this Topic is originally about Brownies.

Mmmmmm Brownies

[size=150]Wot![/size] :open_mouth: On this deck :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Mmmmmm Brownies. Why brownies, one ponders? Does this refer to, brownie de chocolat, or the ‘brownies’, one encounters when engaging/interacting with Sewerborge, Paul the Quietone?
Brownies…mmmmmm. Food for thought :confused:

Surely the only way to hijack a thread started specifically for people to hijack is to remain completely on topic…

Nahh!! Y`re way off topic with that rubbish, as usual. :frowning:

I resemble that !

I do make a very good chocolate and banana bread, fluffs up large then sinks to gooeyness. I may even make ice cream to go with it.

Mmmmmmm sinful.
Is there morality in food ? Can you commit a sin against the body such as when you overindulge. Our actions when intoxicated can be deemed criminal such as drunkenness. Or Foie Gras the overstuffing of a birds liver for human consumption. Is that animal cruelty. But animals are often cruel to their prey so why apply one standard to ourselves which cats say are never going to follow.

Is thread hi-jacking a sport or a sign of an undisciplined mind ?

No Vic-K’s were hurt in the writing of this post.

Or, in my human`s case, ‘mind(s)’
Take care, ‘brownicums’, :wink:

Man of Cloth WLTM+? Lady(ies)/ Female(s) of ‘undisciplined’ disposition, with view to correction/disciplining of same. PM me with photo, and will forward you, your own key to vestry. WE are well provisioned in the, ‘whipsnshackles’ Dept. No need to bring own. Dress not required.
Bless you all

There’s no way we can possibly discuss brownies without acknowledging the oppression of the cacao beans! And the inhumane conditions that the boats carrying them have to endure! This patricarchal hegemony is jejune to the point of ennui!

Thinking persons of any identity or preference that consider themselves even remotely progressive should meet at the vegan bakery for a mocha diversity celebration…


Hmm, aren’t brownies the girl division of the cub scouts, the junior girl guides? In which case Wock’s expression of a predilection for brownies is rather alarming, and I can’t help imagining his “mmmmm” as being somewhat like this:



My daughter has been on the waiting list for brownies for over a year now. She left rainbows early because they needed to let new people in, so they chucked her out at first chance.

I even offered to help out in order to bump her up the list.

Chocolate and coffee? There`s a novel idea. :confused: Would anyone care to say a word or two on behalf of the much exploited, ‘coffee bean’?

N.B. No matter how diligently we strive for higher standards and ideal, the probability of failure is ever present, i.e., KBs post invoking all manner of frightful perversions and deviances. :open_mouth: But then its only what we`ve come to expect from the godhead.

The TQO’s point though, doesn’t the idea of “sin” and “sinfulness” imply morality beyond the humanistic concepts of moral behavior? Which means that for overindulgence of appetite the body must be considered a “temple” (such as in the traditional view of Paul) of the divine. This in turn would imply that any damage to a human would be I violation of the Geneva Convention’s protection of places of worship.

We won’t even go into the idea that KB is still playing with a turtles. :wink:

They probably took one look at the mother, and said ,‘Nahh! Get rid’. If the kid is one of the two little aliens you talk about on the blog, then it`s not too surprising.

If there are any channels of communication, open twixt rainbows n Brownies, she`ll be waiting a lot longer.

Are you kidding? How can you speak about exploitation of coffee beans when people are not only crushing, but roasting, stripping, decaffeinating and sticking poor hapless tea leaves into boiling water?? :open_mouth: The horror. I can’t even think about it…

Although it does seem extreme, they should keep their hands off other peoples’ stuff. Wait, you were using cockney rhyming slang weren’t you?

As for the turtles, I haven’t found the bottom one yet.


$q = [];
$q[0] = \$q;

Can you get to the bottom of that array?

Then enter these commands into terminal:

% ln -s ~/bin/q_array.pl ~/bin/ouroboros_array.pl % ln -s ~/bin/ouroboros_array.pl ~/bin/q_array.pl

Yet they exist…

But existence is so… well, so trivial, of itself. As if a ski were a race, or a hammer a house.

Or as that Anglo-righteous old Victorian would have it:

On the other hand, there is much to be said for just sitting around drinking, neither distillation of desecrated tea leaves nor infusion of mangled coffee beans, but the precious potions prepared by Jameson and Guiness.

Best taken separately.

Available at fine pubs everywhere.

Your BAC may vary.