Hilarious Plagarism Thread

For those interested in plagiarism, vanity publishing, the powers of the internet, or just a good laugh:

nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/ar … 09448.html

love it.

How do people think that they can get away with it?

I read the (so-called) author’s comment about her stroke, and for a writer, her grammar and basic grasp of sentence structure is appalling too.

Edit to update: Oh this gets good!

I plan to plaguerise that one when no-one is looking!

Some people never think, at least, not rationally,…do they Pink?

The Skunkmunster venom is taking its toll :cry::lol::cry::lol: Must be, because Im sitting here making up tittles from you byline. Like: The Three Skunkmunsters, by Al Doomas; or,The Tale Of Two Titties by Charlie Dickens. jeeezzz! Ill have to get outdoors for a bit.

I ended up skimming, there was just too many posts!

I does astound me that someone could be so stupid. Why on earth would you hire a ghost writer for fiction in the first place? I can understand their use in biographies and the like, but isn’t a work of fiction something that you’re driven to do from your own creative juices?

And then (knowing that you didn’t write it) to defend it and say it was all your work, when at that point a simple google search would have brought you the answer.

And the whole “Pity me, I’m disabled and I am going to have another stroke”. If reading that made her health situation worsen - perhaps she should have not read it? Just removed the offending text, and gone off the grid until she could fix it.

I find that the internet really highlights the mass idiodicy of society. It really gives people a terrific oppurtunity to publically put their feet in their mouths and get a good taste of dirt and dog do from their own shoes. And yet after a public bashing, they not only don’t remove their feet, but they invite others to have a go too!

I didn’t have any sympathy for the so called writer, and the agent sounded like possibly the most unprofessional person in the industry, although I am sure she’s far from it.

I did learn a bit about “vanity press” though. I knew it was possible to pay someone to print your own book, but I presumed that this kind of thing was something you’d do for a small run - maybe a book about such a minority subject that you could distribute it yourself, since you know all the people who’d actually buy it.

An old Lancashire saying (at least I think its Lancs.), "Theres nowt as queer as folk." You`ll find similar all around the World, I expect. But…how true…eh?


PS Pink!! I think Id better have a cold shower instead of a walk. Ive just noticed those lush :smiling_imp: succulent :smiling_imp:gorgeous :smiling_imp: snoggable lips....Ill have to go…sorry…

:open_mouth: Wow, what can you say to that. The poor woman. Guess I’d better remove those copies of Harry Potter from my computer desk. Thought things were sounding a bit familiar.

Harry Pothead and the Philosopher’s Weed. (The tale of a British Royal… Perhaps) :smiling_imp:

sounds like a best seller :slight_smile:

Now that would be when Harry got into later adolescence…

nah!..nah!.. its probably because hes met Pink

The philosophy or the weed? I’m sure he’s already been caught smoking, erm… I mean doing one of them.

Harry Pothead: Philosophically Stoned?

Hey now, come on. Let’s at least try and keep within the realms of reality here. :smiley:

wots reality? :confused:

It’s that wobbly stuff that sticks to the side of the bath once you’ve pulled the plug Vic.

But that’s called “vic’s middle”

…tch! tch! Good bye gutter, hello sewer :blush:

I think I will just copy A Ludlum novel or maybe a Koonttz or King Thriller. Then I will claim I hired a GHost Writer named Fluffy who wrote the whole thing fer me!

Aye! A simple way to make enough money fer Rum and scented candles!

Bubbb would appreciate that in the cell. And seeing that you might be spending a bit of personal one on one time with him you as you serve your sentence, you may want to keep him happy.

Then you will have to deal with fluff. Not sure which will be worse for you there…

Don`t you two play nice together? :slight_smile: aww…bless.