Hill Billy Olympics

Heard ^ being sung by Sin,Wock and Jaysen,
introducing—> guardian.co.uk/world/gallery … n-pictures.
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This year we got a sneak preview of the Dark Knight rising.

Doesn’t miss a thing…tha’s ma boy…eyes like a shitehawk! :wink: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shite-hawk

Now the question is, is that batman or batgirl borrowing?

The hairy legs don’t mean anything in the south.

That probability did cross my mind, young master Jaysen. However, you do have to admire their, obvious, eschewal of the vacuous sartorial faddishness, much loved by a goodly proportion of other humans.
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Fluffy, I think you mistake the reason for the hairy legs. It isn’t an intentional snubbing of the conventions of more … civilized? … less inbred? … areas, but a simple matter of resources. The ladies can always shave their legs due to their beard making the razor unusable!

I was refering to their dress sense in general. Not a designer label in sight Master Jaysen.

Those are designer jeans. They’re Levi’s. Our menfolk generally refer to any other brand as “that foofoo crap”, so to answer Jaysen’s original question, I believe that’s a photograph of Bruce Wayne.

First, I agree. batgirl is a gothem elitest and most likely waxes. Several body parts.

second. the association of you with Mr Clampett is an affront to his most sacred personage. Please cease and desist before action is taken.

Everything I do is an affront in your book. What if I chose this avatar instead?

Not true! I’m sure you have a back.

I believe Mr K might cry. Folks might accuse him of absorbing another soul. You might get blamed for certain posting of a mildly graphic nature. But then it’s all relative. Isn’t it?

MILDLY!!..Mildly…y’re talkin’ through your man-muff!!
Anyway…if the kid wants to look like his uncle Vic, so wot! Just let him be. Back off and keep your snotter out of it!!!

Quite right! Keep your man-muff out of our business.

Didn’t somebody say, And Now For That Latte, was the forum for the ship’s intellectuals? :confused:

Perplexed Fluff

Designer Jeans done right

I like the phrase “designer jeans”, as if not all jeans are the result of a designer. Presuambly they come about instead as a result of the blind watchmaker of evolution?

Actually that’s probably not far from the truth. The Gap releases a shotgun pellet distribution of genes - sorry, jeans - each only slightly different from each other. Survival of the fittest (nicest fit?) means that some get bought and others don’t. As long as the retailers react to the sales data it’s a pretty good model of natural selection.

Which means that the phrase ‘designer jeans’ should be reserved for jeans that are made by some clothes-sculpting ‘god’, completely as a product of their own whim and amusement, without regard to reacting to market desires or existing concepts of the norm.

I take it back, Wock. It’s a perfect phrase.
Please carry on.

[size=150]Hasn’t Catherine got a lovely smile? [/size] :smiley:

looks like she took a roll in the hay to be smiling like that. :slight_smile:

Bah “designer jeans” is a farce.

I personally like Levi’s (The inventors of Blue Jeans). Buy em at wal mart. Wear em till they fall apart.

I laugh when I see people wearing those hi-dolla jeans that come “pre ripped” “pre-holed” or “pre-worn”.

Brand new jeans “pretending” to look blue collar when you know there ain’t an ounce of work sweat in dem jeans.

That is it!. We need a Jean Revolution!





I wonder if what I wear is considered “designer” underwear.

I know mine is because my momma wrote my name in em and we know if clothes have a name on them well then they are designer!