Hire Scrivener & IOS professional

I’ve had this issue for a couple of years with no resolution–the issue is my Scrivener on my MacBook Air and the Scrivener on my iPad don’t sync/won’t sync no matter all I try.

Where can I find a list of Scrivener / IOS professionals to finally put this to rest?

Thank you!

I can assist. I’m East Coast Australia time zone.

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Thanks RuffPub! I need the assistance. Here’s more of the story to see what you think about this… I couldn’t get scrivener to appear, sync or share from my MacBook Air to my iPad. I paid for another Scrivener for the iPad thinking that would help. They still don’t communicate with each other, and it may be that they are 2 separate Scrivener software downloads instead of the 1. Does that make sense or seem like something you could correct?

If you have Scrivener AND Dropbox installed on your MacBook, and Scrivener installed on your iPad, have you followed the steps on this post?



Thanks for the link. Here’s what happens. Links says: “…navigate to the Projects list in Scrivener for iOS, then tap the Edit button in the header bar. Tap the gear button that appears in the footer bar, then tap Dropbox Settings …”

On my MacBook, I find the projects list in Spotlight, but cannot find the edit button in the handle bar in Spotlight or find the gear button… And once again I’m stumped and feeling pretty incompetent in the moment if these simple steps aren’t easy.

Hi Cat4. Those steps you’re quoting are the steps in the Scrivener for iOS app on either the iPad or the iPhone.

On your Mac, you’ll move the entire .scriv file into the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder (or whichever folder you’re directing the iOS app to access).

Ah, thanks for the clarity. I’ll try that!