History buttons and Edit Scrivening

Dear Keith,

When I’m at an advanced phase of development, I usually work this way:

  • write the Draft in Edit Scrivening mode, with the view locked in place (Cmd-Opt-L)
  • check other documents in the Research folder (or other folders outside of the Draft).

To return from the document in the Research folder to the Edit Scrivening mode, I must select the Draft folder again, press the Edit Scrivening button, press the shortcut to lock the view again, then click on the document where I was working before going to the Research folder.

I would be happy if the History buttons could restore the exact situation I had before going to the Research folder. Not only the previous single document would be recalled, but the whole configuration of documents/workspace.


In the meantime, why don’t you use the split window view? Draft locked in one window, research items in the other…


Thank you for your suggestion. However, in particular when working on the smaller screen of my laptop, I don’t feel too comfortable with the split screen. But I will probably start learning to love it.


I regularly work on a 13" MacBook, and the split screen is no problem for me. I don’t always have the Inspector pane open, though, which helps.

Probably, a good idea is to close the inspector, split the window horizontally, and keep the Scrivening on the left, the reference article on the right. A click on the horizontal scrollbar, and I can move from one window to the other with ease.


I split vertically, so I can still see the Binder (I can live without the Inspector, but not the Binder!) but yeah, the principle’s the same. It’s really not that hard to use :slight_smile:

I fear I was meaning “vertically”, when I wrote “horizontally”. Please understand me: I live in a hilly place, so going “there” (horizontally) also means going “up” and “down” (vertically)…


I don’t see this getting added soon. It’s a lot more complicated than storing individual documents. It would have to store the internal IDs of all documents in the Edit Scrivenings mode. If you deleted a document then created a new document, you could end with the wrong document in the E.S. session and so forth. So, for the foreseeable future, Edit Scrivenings won’t be stored by the history buttons, though maybe in the further future I may look at this. (It’s a good suggestion.)