History is not cloned when you split the view[BUG LOGGED]

  1. Open the Tutorial
  2. Go to “Step 1”
  3. Go to “Step 2”
  4. Switch to the “Alhambra” image
  5. Use the “Back” button.
  6. Split the view (either direction)
  7. Use the “Back” button in the second pane
  8. Notice that you go to the “Start Here” page.

The use-case here is that a person switches to another document, realizes they actually want to see both documents at once, splits the view, and tries to just go to the previous document. – This doesn’t work with the “new” pane.

You get cases where it will work if they use the history in the first pane, but the user gets unexpected results if they try it with the second pane. – Minor, yes, but it may also be simple to fix.

So far, I absolutely love the software.