history navigation arrows


The history navigation arrows don’t work and it’s drivning me nuts!

(But apart from that I love my Scrivener.)


Could you post some steps for us? Start with a new blank project and detail the creation of the test data, then demonstrate a sequence of steps that causes the history buttons to cease working. If you can’t reproduce the problem with a blank project, then sending us a test copy of a project that is broken might help us solve it.

I cleared the editor history, and that seemed to do the trick, but it seems to get confused when I am working in split screen mode. The history for the two windows aren’t the same.
What happened was it kept sending me back to a document I hadn’t even opened that day, and because I was working in split screen I of course kept opening documents in the wrong window by mistake and wanted to be able to get back to the right one with just one click.
I’m going away for a couple of weeks, so I don’t have time to look into it more now. I’ll see what I can do when I get back.

Each of the editors has its own history, and the history for each editor is persistent, which means even if you close the split or close the project, when you next open it your most recently viewed documents will be in its history. The “Clear Document History” command also works per-editor, so you could can one split’s history without affecting the others. So there might just be confusion here if you were working in one split and then expanded the other and worked in there for a while.