History of modifications would be very useful is it possible

I am on Scrivener 1.11 on a Mac 10.52
I am very very happy with Scrivener, which I use every day. Apart from an unresolved mystery ( see Disappearing Documents leaving their Folders Behind Them) I find the programme almost perfect.
There is one small detail that I would find useful. In the Inspector-General-Modified/Created, is it possible to see all the modification dates? At present each modification eliminates the date of the previous one. If as I suspect it is not possible to alter this, am I alone in wanting this facility? :unamused: Thank you.

Since the modification date is incremented every time the document is saved, and under the default settings, the document is saved two seconds after the last keystroke entered, this would probably result in hundreds of modification times, all rather shortly spaced apart. It wouldn’t be very useful! :slight_smile:

If you want to keep track of major revisions and their timings, you could try using Snapshots. Not only would these milestones save the date and time, but also the state of the document’s text when you took the snapshot.

Thank you. Thank you for both the speed and efficiency of the reply.
I knew that there would be a simple answer.