Hitting returns without the extra spacing

Okay, spent quite a while trying to locate the global/project/document setting to just have single space carriage returns for the document that I am working in. Found some older versions suggestions but not for the current version.

I see some spacing options in Preferences / General, and I see a line spacing in the ruler, which is all fine.

But how to remove the extra line space after hitting a return, or a “paragraph break” as it’s called.

Is there a document setting inspector somewhere that I’m missing, or a general draft formatting setting that I am missing somewhere?

Been using Scrivener since the early betas, and all of my copy and pasting over the years has some of my pages with the extra line spacing, and some of my pages without the extra spacing.

Thanks much for the info!

You really shouldn’t be getting more than one carriage return when you press return. Are you sure this isn’t a merely visual buffer space you are seeing? If you click on the line-spacing control in the Format Bar, and select Other, is there a value in the field for adding space after a paragraph? If so, that’s not a carriage return you are seeing, it’s just a bit of visually added space. Another thing you can do to check whether or not there are extra returns is turn on invisible characters in Format/Options/Show Invisibles. You should only see one paragraph mark after each paragraph. If that is what you see but there is still a space, then you’ve got paragraph spacing. Change that in the Formatting preference pane. There is a mock editor in there where you can set up how things should look.

Yes! It was an odd setting, “inter-line spacing” found on the spacing ruler bar under “other”.

I knew the setting was somewhere, I just couldn’t find that “inter-line spacing” setting in any support resource.

Again, I have copied and pasted so much random content over the years that some setting was off, and that was it.

Thanks much!

That can certainly be a problem. :slight_smile: We’ve got two tools for handling it:

  1. Edit/Paste and Match Style => Strips out all formatting from the text you are pasting. It will be as though you rinsed it through Notepad to clean it all out.
  2. Documents/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style => Impacts whole documents that are already imported or pasted into the software. Many can be selected at once, and it will retain sensible formatting such as italics and bold, rather than wiping them out. Further formatting exclusions can be made at the time of running it.