Hitting the top right "close" button [FIX PROVIDED]

OS: Windows XP SP3

I noticed that on a fresh installation of Scrivener Windows, I would go to the top right hand corner to close the window after I’m done. Instead of shutting down the program, it closes the opening window of my file, then passes me back to the “new template” screen.

I do not think this is expected behaviour or standard behaviour. Is anyone else experiencing this?

This is the second report I’ve seen on this. The behaviour you are seeing is definitely more “Mac like” in that windows are not necessarily “the program”. The program can be running with zero windows open because of that universal menu bar at the top of the screen. So it is not unusual to have an interface window like the template screen pop up if you close a document window.

Something to think about for sure.

Everyone else is getting this. It’s because it’s emulating how the OS X version works. On Macs, there is a distinction between closing all the windows of a program, and closing the program itself. So, on Scrivener on OS X, closing the last project window prompts a new window to pop up for new project &c, because closing the last window of a program does not close the program.

On Windows, it usually does, which is why this is unexpected behavior for people on Windows.

I am not sure if there are any intents to change it, however.

Hmmm fair enough.

While I value the fact that they are trying to stay true to the Mac version, it becomes a bit of a surprise when it doesn’t follow expected Windows behaviour.

Thank you for the clarification.

It’s definitely something to think about as it is unorthodox. While we do want to capture the “spirit” of Scrivener, we don’t want to force Windows users into weird contortions based upon Mac standards just because.

I completely agree this is strange for Windows users. However, you can change the behaviour in the settings panel. In the General tab you can uncheck the option ‘Show start panel when there are no projects open’

This will then close out of Scrivener when you hit the top right hand X in Windows.

I will ensure that this is unchecked by default in Beta 2.

Thank you for your feedback

Myself I leave the “Open Recent Projects” box checked and uncheck the “Show Start Pane when no projects are open.”

It then basically emulates what we are used to ala yWriter project management. If you bounce between a lot of projects, then you might enjoy the mac emulation.