Hmmmm, second bug in

Today I ran the “check for updates” option in my beta, and it updated to version Which is, I assume, release candidate one. However, if I check the forum, it shows that the current version is release candidate two. If I try to “check for updates” it comes back “Scrivener is all up to date.”

So, either the “about Scrivener” option in the program is wrongly showing as up to date, or the program is not updating to

Update on this bug:

I tried manually updating to, but after downloading and updating the file, and restarting the program, the window pops up saying “version will expire on April 12, 2020”

The “about Scrivener” menu correctly shows as the correct version, but the previous bookmark bug I mentioned still exists.

Yup can confirm both…
They probably did a fast release to fix a bug and missed the internal checks stuff.

My update shows in About Scrivener, and shows RC2 on the start screen. I have both 1.9 and the beta installed, and have never had a problem updating from within the program, or it showing the wrong version. You might have to uninstall your old betas and install fresh from the RC2 download.