Ho do I change double quotation marks to single?

I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve created a project and throughout have placed all my characters’ speech in double quotation marks. I would now like to change this to single quotation marks throughout. I have tried: EDIT > FIND > PROJECT REPLACE and then selected to replace " with ’ but when I hit REPLACE the green bar etc goes through the motions of appearing to do something but when finished, nothing has been changed. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

My guess is that in your documents, you have the so-called “smart quotes” that curl inward toward the word or phrase they contain. But in the search field, it’s probably receiving “dumb” (or more commonly, “straight”) quotes, of the kind you see here in the forums.

What you’ll want to do is copy a smart-left-double-quote and paste it into the search-for field, and paste in a smart-left-single-quote in the replace-with field. Repeat with right quotes.

But let me propose this alternative: since it’s far easier to replace " with ’ than the other way around (think contractions and other apostrophe-using phrases), instead of project replace, use the compile window’s “Replacements” pane. In that pane, you can create compile-time replacement rules that you can delete if you ever need to, leaving your original text as-is. Use the same principal of copy & paste there as I described above. Obviously, if you can’t conceive of a reason to reverse this change, then ignore this alternative.

Hi Robert, thank you so much for this. It worked a treat and has saved me a lot of time. Your help is much appreciated. Best wishes, Glenn.