Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas

Hope yours was very merry, and have a Happy New Year!

That explains so much.

Thanks. I thought I was going mad.


Are y sure y don`t mean aaaarrrgghhh!!!

Aaaahhhh as in realisation dawning.
Duhhhhh as in I realise I am so stupid Homer Simpson style.
Aaaaargghhhh as in I have fallen over a cliff.
Eeerrrrrggghhhhh as in I have stepped in dog poo.

I am wasting my time on words. I should evolve into the universal language of grunts, moans and expletives.

KB we need a new language.


We shall call it vic-k-ian. It will use only 5 consonants and 3 vowels.

You’re setting the bar pretty high for Vic then.

Perhaps we should consider communicating by pheromones.


sounds like the mating cry of the northern striped fluffy tit.

Who said the “y-less” one would get to create the language? I figure if we are going to create a hacked up language we should provide it a name that reflected it aspirations to greatness.

As to a few more particulars, I suggest that we keep the y, i, and e vowels. That will allow spelling to be an optional discipline as well as letting us keep the sounds Mr. K is used to hearing at home (we don’t want to confuse him).

don-t for-get to put a hyp-hen aft-er eve-ry thi-rd let-ter