Hoisting Binder - and finding out number of pages

How come sometimes when i hoist a bunder - expand all and then select all that i can see the number of pages and then sometimes i can only get the amount of words and chars listed at the bottem of the window?

What do I do differently each time?


The only way to see an estimated page count in the footer bar is to use Page View mode (in the “View” menu). The only way to use Page View mode with a selection of items (hoisted or not, that doesn’t really matter) is Scrivenings view, also in the View menu. So if you select five files and see index cards, you won’t get a page count, but if you select five files and switch to Scrivenings, and switch to Page View mode, then you’ll see page counts in the footer. To be clear, you can also get that just by clicking on a single file that has more than one page to it as well. The above settings are only required when you’re viewing multiple files at once in the editor.

thank you! Page view mode is the key!

you rock!