Hold Cmd+w to close (Chrome style)

A thousand years (okay, twelve is more likely) of Mac OS muscle-memory has me frequently using Cmd+w to put an item within Scrivener into the bin. I ought to be doing the (equally Mac-like) Cmd+Backspace as if I’m trashing a Finder Item. I know that. I just can’t help repeatedly malfunctioning.

So, still I press Cmd+w and then … I need to wait an age while the whole project closes and zips up its backup. My project is 115Mb at the moment, so I spend about 30 seconds swearing every time it happens.

So, my suggestion is to add a Google Chrome style delay on Cmd+w (and possibly also Cmd+q). The example being demonstrated by pressing Cmd+q in Chrome, which flashes a HUD suggesting I hold Cmd+q to quit. A quick tap, therefore, won’t close the application. This is an application menu preference called ‘Warn before quitting’ in Chrome.

Otherwise very happy, as always.

(Though while we’re on Chrome, I wish it could open Webarchives. Or, perhaps, I wish Scrivener stored web archives in a format that’s not a slave to Safari. But I suppose that’s a different topic.)

Hi Mark,

It wouldn’t be very Mac-like to put a delay in there, I’m afraid, and it would infuriate a lot of users if cmd-W - the standard Mac shortcut for closing a window or project - had a delay.

However, why don’t you just change the keyboard shortcut yourself using the System Preferences?

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … er-for-mac

As for WebArchives, given that Scrivener uses the WebKit, these are just the standard WebKit way of bundling web pages, so there’s no way that Scrivener will be able to use a different format, sorry.

All the best,

Ah, Chrome’s behaviour is a one-off, I realise. But it seems sensible to me. Anyway, I respect the design decision. Thank you for your speedy and considered response as ever.

(As for .webarchive, there are murmurs elsewhere about a standard here. Maybe time will tell on this one.)

Thanks again,

You could use Keyboard Maestro to trap the keystroke, and add your delay.

Keyboard Maestro looks interesting, but it’s a small system utility that’s about the same price as Scrivener itself.*

I re-mapped Cmd+w to Scrivener’s ‘Send to Trash’ in System Preferences. A cludge, but it saves on swearing.

(*Scrivener, I should say, is a bargain.)

Not a “kludge”, a “personalized optimization”!