Holding Off on upgrading to v. 2.7 for Mac

Is it better to hold off on upgrading to the new version until Apple sorts out the font glitch? Or does the same problem occur with the prior version (I’m Cross Platform - so need to stay on the earlier version and be sure I’m not going to have glitches!!). And I don’t totally understand your explanation for why the problem can sometimes occur and sometimes not. Could you have another go at explaining how users could make sure the problem doesn’t appear.)



There’s no point in holding off updating, as the problem affects earlier versions of Scrivener too. It only affects El Capitan, though. It only affects 32-bit apps, not 64-bit apps (Scrivener 2.x is 32-bit - the next major paid update will be 64-bit). And the crash is only triggered if the global preferences are set to use a custom font. The standard user font on OS X is Helvetica, but users can override this and set their own preferred font. When an entry for a preferred font is contained in OS X’s global preferences, this causes a problem with 32-bit apps on El Capitan. The fix is fairly easy - it’s a one-line Terminal command that removes the custom font entry from the global preferences.

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Thanjs - that’s helpful. So it’s tge setting on the Mac rather than the setting in Scrivener that is key.