Holiday Crafting Managemenet ^_^

I thought this might be a helpful idea for others, as a way to use the Scriv even when you’re not writing. I’m a crafter, so this year for the holiday I decided to try Scrivener at organizing my list, ideas, links, supply needs, etc. I have my list on the corkboard & everyone has a card. I can’t start actually crafting till after NaNo :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ve put my craft ideas for each person in their card, with any links to online patterns/inspirations in the notes sideboard. In the sideboard for the group corkboard I have a list of general ideas like cookies, etc, not for any specific person.

When I get serious, & decided just what I’ll be making for each person, under their page each project will get a card on their corkboard & I can use the text page associated with it to copy any patterns or images, plus a supply list. I think it will be very handy & help me keep everything organized on on target this year. :mrgreen: