Hollywood Cowboy or Hearts of the West

I was taken with the quote listed in the description for this forum.
“Anyone can say he’s a writer. But when someone else says you’re a writer, then you’re a writer.” So says the old geezer to Jeff Bridges in Hollywood Cowboy.
So I thought I’d add the movie to my Netflix queue. Alas I couldn’t find it. A few minutes with my good friend IMDB.com and I located one called Hearts of the West. Is this the same movie? Maybe it had a different title for the UK release? Thanks.

PS - I am not a writer. :frowning:

Looks like y’ gorrit, kido! :wink:

You can’t be a hipster unless someone calls you one, too. And then you must violently deny it.

Warning! Off-topic:

Ioa, you’ve added for me the final touch to the growing answer to the-oft asked question of why I am so much at home in Xiamen. I don’t want to have to fit into label, pigeon-hole, whatever … a hipster, a writer, a goth, a this, a that, upper middle-class, middle-middle class, whatever … I just want to be me. Xiamen allows me that … except that a rumour did start on the other campus of the university (where I used to have to do some teaching) from where it spread to the main campus, from where it began to spread into the city itself, that I am a member of the British aristocracy. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I’m glad to say it seems to have died.

All I want to be is a person; and living in a community in which I am no longer even thought of as a foreigner, let alone any finer classification is so comfortable.