Home and End buttons?

Is it possible to allow the use of the “home” and “end” keys on the keyboard so that in long documents in editor view the user could quickly get to the top or bottom of the document? It’s not a huge deal, but I have some lengthy docs that I’d find this useful for from time to time. (I know about splitting the screen; this would just be a “quickie” way for other reasons.)

These buttons work as expected for me. Granted, Home and End work like PageUp and PageDown—they merely adjust the viewing area without moving the cursor. For quick checks up and down, this is valuable as everything snaps back to where you were working when you are done. If you actually want to jump to the bottom of a document and start typing (or the top), Cmd-DownArrow and UpArrow are what you want.

An embarrassing admission: My cursor wasn’t in the editor window. It was somewhere else. Having made that discovery, all is well. :blush:

Furst Mate, Amber V,
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Cmd-DownArrow has an entirely different connotation when your toes are feeling the breeze at the end of a plank!

yep!! :smiling_imp: