HOME and END keys


I would really like the edit mode to move the cursor to the start or end of a line instead of the start/end of a paragraph when pushing HOME or END. I realize that its not appropriate for Scrivener to have customer key actions, but all my other apps are obeying a common solution which is place a file ‘DefaultKeyBinding.Dict’ in the ~/Library/KeyBindings folder which has the following:

“\UF729” = moveToBeginningOfParagraph:; // home
“\UF72B” = moveToEndOfParagraph:; // end
“$\UF729” = moveToBeginningOfParagraphAndModifySelection:; // shift-home
“$\UF72B” = moveToEndOfParagraphAndModifySelection:; // shift-end

How come Scrivener does not obey this file?



Aren’t these key bindings setting Home and End to do exactly what you say you don’t want them to do, namely go to the beginning and end of the paragraph?? Am I missing something here?

And there it is–I just won dumb**s of the year. Where’s my trophy?

Thanks and sorry everyone.