Home file server?

For lack of a better place, let me post this here:

I’m about to replace a G4 PowerMac dual 533 running Tiger with a new iMac. The question is should I consider the PowerMac for some kind of home file server? I have two iMacs and a laptop via WIFI networked, and religiously back them up to firewire hard drives. So the question is what might I use a file server for? I don’t need to stream video or music, I do the back ups, and already have a networked printer.

Otherwise I will just post the machine on Craigslist?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Depends. I love having my own server at home, it’s an old p3 running linux with afp shares, apache webserver, subversion and some other little things on there. I have also configured my router so I can get to my afp-shares from the internet, so when my macbook is in the move and I find a nice wifi spot, I can easily get to my backups, do backups or just copy files I forgot I needed.

But if you’re going to turn your g4 into a server or not depends on what you need. If you’re just thinking of doing backups with time machine I would recommend using your firewire drive. If you need access to files from different locations, maybe run your own lamp/mamp server, have more than one computer and want them to backup to the same location, etc etc, then go for it!

I might also ad, running a linux-server is great fun but takes time away from writing. :confused:

Thank you for your responses.

Well, since it seems that a server would do nothing useful for my particular home network, like compose paragraphs, brew earl grey on the hour, or offer neck massages, I’ll just stick with my network-in-a-pocket flash drive.