… the last couple of eps - thriller story-telling of a high order.

I’m beginning to regret never watching this programme. Do you have to start at the beginning of Series 1 for it to make sense, or would it still be feasible to jump in with Series 4? (Mind you, having said that, I see that 4oD only has the past few episodes even of this current series, so it might not be feasible anyway.)

I’m sure that before long there’ll be a boxed set available, and I think you could probably just about jump in with Series 4. If you did, there’d be certain things that wouldn’t make sense - the appearance of Damian Lewis’ character in one part of one episode in Series 4, for example - but you’d avoid chunks of the plotline from Series 1 through Series 3, which though important to understanding the character and the relationships of Clare Danes (the protagonist), aren’t essential to making sense of Series 4, are tedious in places and could be skipped.

What I particularly liked about the last couple of episodes of Series 4 is that they fully obeyed the “McKee Rule”: “Give the audience what they’re expecting, but not in the way that they’re expecting it.”

As you’ll gather, I’m a fan of “the current-affairs thriller”, of which there aren’t many examples around at the moment. So all the more reason to savour Homeland when it’s on song.

Thank you, Hugh. Maybe I’ll buy my husband the existing DVDs (series 1 to 3) for Christmas, and catch up that way, moving onto series 4 when it becomes available. :wink: