Hooray, first fiction publication! Alongside a stellar crew.

So then, yeah… One of my stories is now in an anthology, The Crimson Pact volume 2, alongside writers who range from New York Times best-sellers all the way down to other newbies like myself. (I initially had a story accepted for volume 1, but it was a comedy, and not only did the anthology changed editors, but the whole project evolved into something darker, into which my funny story didn’t fit. I’ve been told that this is not uncommon with anthologies. But I can file the serial numbers off the comedy and submit it elsewhere.)

Aaaaaand of course there are things I see in my story that I’m now cringing at, but doesn’t that happen to everyone on occasion? But for the most part, I’m still happy with it.

Anyway, here’s the promo blurb (and I’m bolding the reference to myself because I’m egotistical like that):

Who would have thought that part of the secret to getting published was to actually, you know, finish and submit stuff? Even with encouragement from critically-acclaimed and award-winning author friends–one of whom lectures and/or rants at me about finishing and submitting, on average, about once a week–I still dragged my feet. Oh, I wrote a lot, and studied writing; I just didn’t finish things most of the time. And when I did finish them, I didn’t submit them. My excuse was, “I just don’t have a submissive bone in my body.” “Karma” is actually the fourth story I’ve completed and submitted anyplace. Now, however, I feel somewhat validated, and I think I can face up to the inevitable rejections a bit more easily.

Congrats, Rob! You know what they say about when you are running low on rejection slips in the outhouse. :slight_smile:

Use the Guardian? :confused:

That’s terrific news! Congratulations on the publication.

Ioa: What do they say?

Bravo! Young Rob, bravo!

Thank you all! And yeah–In addition to the above, Daily Science Fiction just accepted my story, “Are You There? Are You Safe? Is the Flock Safe?” (I wanted to call it, “The Language of Birds,” but that’s been taken. Many, many times, it seems.) That’s two in a row!

And of course, for those who know me, it goes without saying that the above stories were written with Scrivener for Linux beta (with, occasionally, a scene or two in the Windows beta running in Wine, and perhaps a few lines in a hackintoshed virtual OS X machine, just so I could compare all three versions).