Hoping I can figure this out

I am a newbie–just downloaded the 30-day trial yesterday. Started going through the tutorial last night and finally finished late this morning. So far I don’t have a clue. It’s possible that I have finally risen to my ultimate level of incompetence, but–and it pains me to say this–I just don’t understand. I could easily be convinced that it is due to my own stupidity, but I spent a 35-year career writing technical information for networking software, I’m fairly confident that it’s not entirely my fault.

I am convinced that Scrivener offers me some powerful function, so I’m going to hope I can learn by doing. I have a large amount of writing, research, and notes, so I guess I’ll start by attempting to import.

Obviously this is a complex application and if I can break the code, I’ll probably appreciate it. I would like to [gently] suggest that a professional tech writer create the tutorials and help. :wink:

You mean like “Scrivener for Dummies” or “Writing a Novel with Scrivener” (available at major booksellers everywhere!)?

Start small. By that I mean, just break down your work into more manageable chuncks (chapters, scenes/sections, even paragraphs if you think that will be helpful). Import relevant research. Start working. When you need to do something specific (track a character or an object, or a thesis), come back and ask how others would attempt the task. Describe how you’d normally do it, as that can help steer you to a solution that feels familiar.

Good luck!

You might find these videos useful…


I took a stab at responding to a similar query in the following thread. You might find it helpful, particularly item number 4.