Hopping into a new folder or document to title it

Sorry about this, I know I got an answer before but I can’t find it. I need to change a preference.

When I create a new folder or document (when I’ve been in another one), I have to click the mouse cursor into it physically if I want to type a title for it.

How do I get the cursor to automatically move into any new folder created so I can type the title without having to mouse into it?

Generally, when you create a new item in the binder, it will be ready for naming if the focus was already in the binder when you created it. However, because of Scrivener 3’s auto-naming feature, it no longer moves the focus to the binder and sets up new items to be renamed by default if the focus was elsewhere. You can change this back to the Scrivener 2 behaviour as follows:

  1. Open Scrivener’s Preferences (Scrivener > Preferences…).

  2. Click on “Behaviors” in the Preferences toolbar.

  3. Choose “Files and Folders” from the sidebar.

  4. Tick “Always set title of new items”.

All the best,

Kindly Keithvin! Thank you!