Horizontal Outliner

Keith the new outliner is outstanding. It has so much power. Is it possible to turn it horizontal like the following:

Small size image (full size below)

The Title and Synopsis from each hierarchal card now looks like a StoryLine and could be printed on a roll printer for a wall outline.

Hovering over any item shows the content. The user controls whether they use Part, Chapters, Scenes or Acts, Sequences, Scenes, etc.

Story Point like Inciting Event, Turning Point Etc. are just rows of the Custom Meta-Data.
Below this you could track Storylines, Characters, any Custom Meta-Data could be indicated.

Ending page numbers could show static info or coluns could be adjusted by width based on percentage of entire document. Not a calendar timeline but a story timeline.

Full size image.

Is this possible? Does anyone else find this of value.
Just a though for your consideration. Thanks.

No, that’s not possible - isn’t that a screenshot of StoryView, or Outline 4D or whatever it is called these days? Cool app, but there are no plans to copy its functionality in Scrivener.
All the best,

The screen shot is from an Excel template I use. I added the latin to show how it works. I looked at Outliner 4D but it is windows only and I am a mac guy.

To bad it is not even possible. It would be a cool way to pivot the data and create a story view.

Cool, I didn’t know Excel could rotate cell data like that. :slight_smile:

Highlight range. Then format / cells / alignment
Happy pivoting.