Horizontal split screen gives compressed view on bottom

If I click the split screen button, the bottom view is extremely compressed, as if all the lines overwrote each other. I suspect that they’re dropping one pixel per paragraph. Looks almost like Chinese, only denser.

If I click on this super-compressed text, one paragraph shows correctly; I have to keep clicking to get the rest to show properly. Not so bad with a 10-page doc, but anything longer would be … difficult.

If I have cleaned up the lower screen, closed it, and then split it again, same thing.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s my laptop screen or my 23" monitor.

Beta 2.0


I just updated to 0.2.1. and the same thing happens to me. Also, clearing the text in the way sophielandon described still leaves a few scribbles between the lines (which I have occasionally seen in earlier versions, but haven’t paid attention to). These scribbles also occur when I move to another another text in the project.

XP, SP3.

The same happened to me. Also Version 0.2.1, but in the upper window.