Horrible and ugly?

I frequently network my iMac to my PowerBook, then use Scrivener on the iMac to access my project on the laptop, always careful to close Scrivener on the laptop first.

Two questions:

1 - What would be the dangers if I forgot and kept the project open on the laptop while simultaneously opening it on the iMac? Would it be horrible and ugly, and the project corrupted?

2 - Is their any lock on project files that would prevent them from being opened by two different installations of Scrivener? If not, might this be implement?


Potentially hideous. Each copy would be holding its own idea of the project in memory, which it would then save when it is quit. You would need to ensure that the most up-to-date copy of the project is closed last, because whichever is closed last will overwrite all of the binder data of the one saved previously. Thus, if you closed the old copy after the new copy, the binder would return to the state it was in in that version of the project the next time you opened it.

Hmm… Not really. However, if you see the “synchronising search strings” message, that means that either it wasn’t closed down or it is currently already open on another machine… Actually, I might add a warning message about this before synchronise stings kicks in…


Ouch … yes, we need warning of syncronised stings! :laughing: