Hostile forum culture? (Please don't delete)

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Hi FamilyHandyMan,

It was you. You were being rude. Here are examples:

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Your third post accuses L&L of using a nasty trick to get customers to buy their product.

I’ll stop here, as this thread likely will be deleted, so this is probably a waste of time. But in your first 3 posts you managed to insult Mac users once and L&L twice. So yeah, it’s you dude.


Your intent may have been overshadowed by the execution of your posts. Most people on this forum won’t hold it against you long term.

In addition—

For my purposes, I’ll say 15 years ago you created one of the best accounting softwares available. Businesses, large and small, and home users discover how much more productive they could be by using Easy Calc. Over the years your customers witness your passion for excellence and integrity, in product and in the full spectrum of customer relations. They watch you grow but recognize you’re still a small business so they accept, sometimes with a burp of impatience, that things aren’t always going to be ready tomorrow, things aren’t always going to work out as planned. But despite occasionally not meeting expectation (true or assumed), the solid relationship remains, the evidence of the passion for excellence that people have seen in you is not corrupted. You’ve earned a reputation. As a result, your customers reject any irrational claim made against you, not because they’re fanbois but because it’s a violation of what is right.

Best wishes for your future.

I’m sorry, I take fully responsibility. I’m sorry. I apologize. You’re right I was crass. I went too far on that one. I agree I did accuse them.

I think I had a bad brain episode today, I get myself stuck on something and don’t do well, just like here today.

I’m really embarrassed. If you don’t mind I’d like to delete all my comments today and slink away. I’ll pay full price for your software. Whenever it comes out this year or next year or whennot.

I’m sorry.

There is not a hostile culture in the forum.

Spirited debate on occasion, yes, and a lively defence of the team at L&L by those long term Customers amongst us (yes we are all customers) who recognise the great effort the L&L team put in every day.

You may not have been around when the iOS Scrivener development was running years late and there was some pretty harsh criticism of the Team. Keith himself ended up being a one person iOS team and brought an amazing app to fruition after copping pressure from some quarters that might have sent lesser Gods into retirement.

I for one learned from that process that the Win V3 version will appear when it meets Keith and teams exacting standards. Not a day earlier.

If some of the spirited discussion has offended you, then apologies, however understand there are no secret agendas on the part of the L&L team, no trying to drag anything out, just a commitment to quality we all appreciate, plus a forum (largely) filled with enthusiastic customers.

Are L&L perfect, no, but they are certainly up there.

‘Nuff said.