Hot Key for Formatting

I am trying to apply hot keys to format presets in Scrivener for Mac. I understand the process, but I must be typing it in wrong. Could someone who has successfully done this post what they entered in the system preferences for one preset, say headings?

The two main gotchas are:

  • It has to be typed in precisely the same as it appears in the menu; punctuation, letter case, everything.
  • If the menu command appears anywhere else in the menu system, then it probably won’t get the assignment. I believe it works in a left-to-right fashion, and since Formatting is near the end of the list, it could be snapped up by something else. “Heading” should be safe, but perhaps you have an item in the Binder named “Heading”? If so, the first appearance could be off in the Edit/Scrivener Link/ sub-menu system or similar, which isn’t very good at actually acquiring the shortcut, but despite that is good at stealing it from more permanent entries. Just changing the name of the preset to something unique, and then adjusting the system preferences should be enough. You can use the Format/Formatting/Redefine Preset from Selection menu command to change the name (just make sure to do so in a paragraph that already has the preset applied to it!).

Well, I tried again today and it worked. I still don’t know what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

You can also use the entire menu path to the item you want, separating each level of the menu with ->

For instance:
File->Back up->Back Up To…