Hot-swapping Between Win 7 and OS X

Hi Everyone -

Last week I bought Scrivener for my Win7 desktop then, gosh darn it, Apple went and launched the upgraded Macbook Air. I just had to have one. The first app I bought was Scrivener.

Now, here’s the rub …

How can I use/sync projects across both platforms?

What I want to be able to do is, say, work on a Scrivener project on me sparkly new MB Air while I’m sitting in my favourite Seattle coffeeteria and then, later, open it on my Win 7 PC at home and work on it there.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and advice.



The data format is the same across the two platforms, so any method that copies your data from one computer to the other will work: flash drives, email, synchronization services, whatever.

The major caveat is that a Scrivener project is actually a folder, not a file, and so it is very important that whatever method you use copies the entire project across. In particular, to use synchronization services safely it’s very important to make sure that the synchronization – either upload or download – has completed before you shutdown your computer or start working on the project. See this thread for discussion of risks and best practices:

You should also be aware that the Mac version has a number of features that have not yet been implemented for Windows, which can lead to things not always working the way you expect.