Hotkey for enumerations and lists

Hello everyone.

I am fairly new to Scrivener so maybe I just don’t find the correct setting. I was writing in Word and Pages till now and when I write I often use enumerations like that:

So with Pages, Word and any other writing app I have used so far you have to press “Shift”+“Enter” to get an empty line but with Scrivener you have to press “ctrl”+“Enter”.
This is very confusing to me and I make many mistakes because of that. Is there a way to change the settings?

Yes, there may be a way of doing this, but to clarify, what is the exact structure you are going for here, basically multiple lines within a single enumeration point? If so, then the keyboard shortcut you want to alter in the Mac OS X Keyboard system preference pane is called “Line Break”, which can be found in the Edit/Insert/ sub-menu. If you are just looking for a way to terminate the enumeration environment, then hitting Return twice is what you want, not a line break (line breaks exist within a “paragraph” structure, and so using them to emulate paragraph breaks can cause undesirable formatting glitches).


Thank you for your answer.

That is exactly what I was looking for. I meant “Line Break”. Is there another way to change Scrivener’s keyboard shortcuts besides general system settings in MacOSX?

My problem is now:
OSX doesn’t let me set shift+enter as shortcut for the function. I guess that it is used by some other program or function but I couldn’t find anything.
What I am wondering about, too, is the fact that I can make line breaks with ctrl+enter, which isn’t described in the edit/insert menu as shortcut for that function. There it is alt+cmd+enter. I am very confused.

Hmm, I’m not aware of a better way to manipulate keyboard shortcuts. I’ve never run into a problem with it like you describe, so haven’t had a cause to look into it, but it strikes me as the kind of thing that some one may have written a better tool for. It could be worth looking around. However Apple probably prohibits shortcuts like this for a good reason.

I think Ctrl-Return isn’t reliable on all keyboards. There are a few others like that were OS X has a background default that works on keyboards from some regions but not others. Hitting Esc all by itself to activate word completion is another like that, that works on some computers but not others—so in those cases we have a separately defined shortcut that is universal, even if it doesn’t match what everyone from every region might be used to. If I remember right those are the two spots that act like this: auto-complete and line breaks.

Thank you very much for your help. Then I guess I have to live with that.

I was looking very long for the right software to write with. So I have the most known writing apps still on my Mac: Mellel, iA Writer, Pages, Word, OmmWriter.
What makes me wondering, although I totally understand what you told me, is that there the shift+enter combination works.

We’ll take a look at it and see if it can be added in the background (rather than assigned to the menu) without conflicting with anything.

Thank you very much.

All right, I completely forgot why this was disabled in the first place. It turns out tons of people are fairly sloppy with the Shift key and end up hitting it before they press return, as they get ready to capitalise the first word of the next paragraph, resulting in an endless stream of “bug reports” for mysterious line breaks being inserted during compile. :slight_smile:

Ctrl-return is not a bad one to get used to, however. It works in most other word processors and Cocoa text editors (like Scrivener).

Hahaha ok, seems that most people have “itchy trigger fingers” when it comes to shift+enter. I yield to your argument.
I will try to learn ctrl+enter.
Nevertheless, thank you very much, I appreciate that you tried to help me. I have to say I love Scrivener. I always get transcripts by other students and for exams I combine them to one complete transcript. Usually this means having open 10+ windows of 3 different programs (Pages, Office, Powerpoint).

Now I have one open window. :smiley: