Hotkey Special Characters

So I started my Scrivener days on Mac, but I have been migrating more and more to PC. The Windows team has done a great job, and the transition has been nigh painless. However, there is a MacOS feature that I miss terribly, and I can get around it in Word, but I’m not sure how to do so in Scrivener.

I need to be able to use special characters without having to type out an alt code. And not just because it’s a huge waste of time and hard to remember, but also because I do most of my writing on a laptop that doesn’t have a numpad. On Mac, it was just a matter of holding down the vowel (I almost never used characters on consonants), but those days are gone.

In Word I can hotkey special characters like ä. Can Scrivener do this as well? How do I access it?

Also, can the Beta / will Scriv 3 be able to do this? And if so, how?


You might be better off if you posted thi in the Beta Testing forum, where the devs are more likely to see it.



I think I will, haha. I was trying to not do that, since this really is more of a general feature question that may have already been implemented long ago.