Sigh I’ve used MS Hotmail for years - it must be over a decade now. I use it for anything that might result in me getting spam - ordering through Amazon and other companies and so forth.

But why is it that whenever they “upgrade” Hotmail it just gets ten times worse?

Windows Live Hotmail is just ****ing ****. And I don’t often asterisk-swear on this forum (I swear like a trooper in real life, of course). For a start, in order to try to make everyone convert from Hotmail to Windows Live, they started making you sign in twice just to get to your Inbox. So, you’d go to But this would redirect you to the Windows Live site, which would tell you that you really should upgrade to Live Hotmail. You could do that on the left, or you could sign in on the right. But if you signed in on the right, all that would happen was that you would be redirected to the original Hotmail page, where you would need to enter your user name and password again to get to your inbox. Brilliant!

Needless to say, their ploy worked. I upgraded to Live (it’s free, the same as Hotmail standard always is). Boy, was that a mistake. Now, half the time I go to log into Hotmail, the address bar goes crazy. It keeps redirecting to different login scripts or pages or whatever, which eventually redirect back to the original, which then keeps on going, in infinite regress. So I’m just left with a blank page while the address bar goes through an infinite loop. Nice!

If I’m really lucky, it gives up and presents me with this:


Award winning indeed. Brilliant. No, really - genius. So I can now only use Hotmail when it feels like it. Needless to say, I’m going to have to change everything over to my googlemail or Yahoo account. Great.

Yes, I know, Microsoft, Microsoft… I was moaning about MS only earlier today, in fact (and I’m not especially an MS hater). I’m in charge of ordering software for my school, and nearly every other company on the planet does “site licences”. Not Microsoft, though, oh no. Every time we order a new machine or laptop, we have either to order a new individual Office licence or uninstall it from an existing machine. It’s painful.



Capn Keef sir, Lifes a bitch!! an no mistake!! :frowning: Is knows wer y`s isa cummin from boss :cry:


Exactly why I never use Hotmail. :wink:

Or, as my little brother who does use it refers to it, Snotmail.

Ugh. I have to use Hotmail for testing newsletter deliveries, and the few times a month I have to touch it I always come away from the experience feeling like I accidentally drank spoiled milk and will have to suffer with that taste in my mouth for half a day.

Especially frustrating is its new “spam detection” which seems to consider just about anything spam that roughly resembles email. Getting newsletters past that beast is horrific.

I’m pretty sure Gmail has the ability to import from a Hotmail account, which should help.

Also, it’s very easy to create a second Gmail account if you want one for the same purpose, i.e. not using your main address for lists etc. Just invite yourself using a different address, e.g. your Hotmail account.

I can’t speak to using Hotmail since I never had an account there, but I do have several on gmail and use them regularly.

One big plus is that you can have the other addresses send mail to one account and save time reading it all in one place. You can then also reply using the original account address, a convenience that I use a lot.

Gmail also works great with my iPhone. :slight_smile:


I am a convert to Gmail. Light years better than Hotmail, handles spam brilliantly, has tons more storage space, and allows your to bookmark special topics , created folders to group work. A bit light the base functions of Scrivener, in fact. Sold it to you, yet?

Since it is a MS product I would say

“Working as intended.”

Their idea is to pummel the user with annoying messages and loop arounds in order to show you that the way you wish to do things and access things is dreadfully inefficient. If you but upgrade to their latest and greatest lock-you-in-so-tight-you-can-never-escape methodology they can continue to dictate to you how you should think and work.

“Ask not what Vista can do for you! Ask what you can buy for Vista!”

I avoid MS products like the plague simply because what is currently happening to you happens to everyone using a MS product.

I think it is time to make graceful exit from the clutches of Microsuck and move forward to freedom.

Me personally I like having my own webspace. Cheap like $3 a month. That way I can have my own webmail/pop/imap with 2G of mailbox and 50mb mail restraints, FTP storage, and autoresponders and email forwards.