Household Licence

Many households now use a mix of platforms, could L&L have a think about having a licence that covers the platforms. I’m feeling a bit discriminated against - having a Windows laptop and Mac and unable to use both without a separate licence.

I think that there was a post somewhere about why they can’t do it. They have completely separate development teams that need to be paid. Though, it occurs that maybe they could do some kind of “bundle”? If you buy both at once, you save xx% off your purchase, not sure if this is anymore reasonable.

We could do that, but we’d have to charge $85 for it. :slight_smile:

Yes, the two platforms are entirely different development efforts with different code bases and programmers. It’s fairly standard to have to buy separately across platforms - if you buy any Adobe products, for instance, you buy for each platform independently. We have consciously tried to keep the price of Scrivener down as we don’t want to price it into the “pro software” range that will be too expensive for struggling writers and students. We can only do this by selling it separately for each platform, however. If we bundled the platforms together, we would have to raise the price to cover both development costs, which would penalise all those who only want it for one platform. Also, remember that much software doesn’t come with a household licence at all, but tries to insist that you only install it on one computer.

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Thanks for the explanation. I shall avoid buying an Android tablet as well!!!